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Wanted: Santa Monica-based Flakers to Befriend
from Fred

Hi,  Was wondering if there is any way to further correspond with others that list their stories about P. 

I have had P since 1977, and have been to the Dead Sea several times but now mostly am continuing with Holistic methods (or at least trying ...) such as Pagano's regimen and herbs.

I live in Santa Monica, CA. and would like to know if there are any other people in this town that have P that I can befriend.  Thank You,  -Fred


Ed’s Response:  If anyone emails me and says “Please forward this to Fred, I live in Santa Monica...” I will do so.  That means you are using FlakeHQ to make more personal acquaintances to the full extent available.  The good news, Fred, is there are several other places you can go to make acquaintances more directly.  Here are some that I know about.

As you become known in these places you’ll no doubt learn about other places.  I predict you’ll find Santa Monica-based flaker acquaintances in ways you least expect.  Good luck!  -Ed

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