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Cod Liver Oil Enthusiast
from Greg R.

Hi Ed: I live in the United States and have only had P for about a year and a half.  As you can guess it is all new to me. I try and learn everything I can about the subject and make choices from there. FlakeHQ has helped a great deal and  I thank you.

I am writing is to let you know about something I have been trying and see if someone might want to give it a shot. I have been taking cod liver oil gel caps. It has reduced the size of my scales a great deal. I take 4 a day and still use my creams the Doctor prescribed.  But I did not see much improvement at all before I took the cod liver oil.

I am sure this is an old remedy but from what I can tell it is a natural immune supplement. I hope some others will have the same response I have for the time being. God knows it can change. I hope this e-mail finds you well.



Ed’s Response:  Every now and again cod liver oil crops up as a real boon to some flakers.  It is a natural source of vitamin A, which is clinically linked to P symptoms.  Some of our prescription therapies — Soriatane systemically, Tazorac topically — are vitamin A derivatives.

You may be interested in this article I found at WebMD.com.  In it the authors review some of the things cod liver oil has been used for and they suggest a number of other ways to obtain the added vitamin A cod liver oil otherwise provides. -Ed

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