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‘Cured-It’ Claim Stopped Working Eventually
by Tom B.

Backstory:  Zinc’s Cleared Me Up, from Tom B.

Ed:  After many weeks the zinc stopped working. I increased by steps to 800mg a day and “P” was still coming back! Now it’s back to the creams

I did learn something. I now do not cover up my hands (“P uncovered”). If someone says, “Oh what’s that?” I say, “An old gypsy woman touched me and  said ‘scales.’  It gets worse every … OH MY GOD HERE SHE COMES!” and I find I am standing alone, no longer being bothered. (My apologies to Stephen King’s novel, Thinner.)

Seriously I tell those who ask what it is and try to educate them a little. I hope the gene research pans out. Surgery on Monday (not related to “P”) except I’m sure it means some more new patches for each cut. -Tom B.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for following up on our December, 1999 correspondence about your zinc regimen.  For other readers, there’s a number of email exchanges in the archives titled ‘Cured-It’ and ‘Another Cured-It’ that pertain to a zinc megadosage regimen for P.

While you’re the first, Tom, to write and say it stopped working eventually, I would be surprised if anyone has been able to sustain success.  Right now, nothing is known to work permanently — nothing is a “cure” in the strictest sense of that word.

Hope your surgery went well.  Let us know if the incisions Koebnerize (i.e. turn into P-lesions).  -Ed

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