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Burdock Root?
from Prasada K.
with Ed’s Response integrated

I am suffering with P since Feb 1998. I used all kinds of medicine (ointments, shampoos, etc). Now I am thinking of using herbal medicine. Right Now I started taking Burdock root tablets. What is your opinion about it.

Read about burdock root here. It sounds as though this herb has few drawbacks and a long history of being "helpful." Even this citation (linked) notes problems with purity, so do whatever you can to ensure your source is good.

My opinion about herbal medicine in general it too unqualified to be listened to. I’ve said elsewhere — in this month’s mail and other correspondence in the archives — that I believe it’s a "crap shoot." By that I mean a gamble. I have tried several herbal concoctions, both topical and systemic (taken orally) and have not been impressed. But I am untrained and impatient, too. I do not debunk herbal medicine. In fact, I’m sure for those in the know it harbors its own impressive list of miracles. Do let us know how you fare on burdock root tablets.

I have one weakness i.e., I scratch my scalp all the time, even though it doesn't itch. What is your opinion about scratching? Will it become worse? -Prasada K.

My experience with scratching is that it is a self-defeating gesture. Usually scratching leads to more itching that leads to more scratching. That you are scratching your scalp when it doesn’t itch suggests a habit. You might try doing something with your hair that your fingers will sense when you unthinkingly start to scratch. For example, if you don’t use hair spray, use some for awhile. The feel of it will draw your attention to your habitual scratching and then you can stop the behavior until the habit erodes (i.e., you can recondition your behavior). Now, Prasada, reassure me that you are not bald and that I haven’t just ruined your day. -Ed

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