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Sick, Flaring and Mad with Itching
from Judy J.

Dear Mr. Dewke: My P has been so out of control the past week that I'm mad with itching.

I went to the ferry dock today where there is a park on the bay and waded in the cool — naw it was cold — water. I even wore shorts and I haven't worn shorts in public in years. I felt great and thought I would be alright this evening as I try to get some sleep for work. As soon as I got on the bus, I was itching as bad as ever. A shower helped once I got home but as before, soon as I left the water the itch was back with a vengeance.

I ran across your site about 5 years ago then lost track of it. Now that I have a PC at home I found your site again. Your wonderful sense of humor has reassured me that tomorrow will come and this too shall pass.

I plan to go to my doc tomorrow after work because this flare-up of P is really different. My skin feels "stretched/tight" and swollen, and my p is about as red as can be.

Last week I had a low-grade fever and stayed home 2 days thinking I had the flu, but I've been able to eat and eat. Woke up yesterday with a sore throat so bad I could hardly talk but gargling with salt water has helped.

Anyway thanks for listening. There's only one person I can relate to about my P and she has NF so I don't want to bother her with my petty problems. Take care and thanks for your site. Sincerely, -Judy J.


Ed’s Response: You’re our second correspondent this month with insuperable itching (see Desperate for Relief from Itching) and I’m sharing the earlier email with PsorHead participants. Go there by clicking on PsorHeads in the navbar at the top of this page to see what others have to say about your agony of itching.

I’m wondering whether your flare-up and flu-like illness are related? Strep infection, which causes sore throat for most people, is known to trigger guttate P, but your P and illness seem to be concurrent, not successive. I hope by now your doc has the matter well in hand. I would be interested to hear his or her diagnosis and prescription. Also, how you are doing now. Please send us an update. -Ed

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