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Desperate for Relief From Itching
from Sue

I am crying right now because I want to take sandpaper to my skin or just have the top layer go away. Yes, I have had psoriasis since I was 16. I am now 49. I have done PUVA and the psoriasis has responded but meanwhile the itch is so bad I want my skin gone. I cant sleep, I cant work, I can’t think past the itch. I itch so bad I have made open sores that get infected. Can anyone help? Please. -Sue


Ed’s Response: I’m posting your email at PsorHeads "General Discussion: Psoriasis Treatments" forum so you can get some more feedback quickly, Sue. (Click on the PsorHeads icon here to get there.) I know how terrible it can be to itch so incessantly. I think, for the time being, you need to stop thinking about treating the P and focus on treating the itch. There are products out there, some prescription, systemic (taken orally) and some topical, that will numb or decrease your itching sensation without regard (for the moment) for your lesions. Until you can palliate the itching, I doubt whether you can pay the P much mind. Certainly scratching until you get infected does not help your P.

Now let’s see what others have to say here and at PsorHeads. -Ed

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