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Psorigon Worked, Now Trying Dovonex
from Martin S.

Ed: I searched the net today for the word PSORIGON because I too had very positive results with this product.

I also tried PS-98 but with no positive results when Pharmavita told me that Psorigon had been withdrawn from the market place pending licensing as a pharmaceutical product rather than a cosmetic one. I was actually trying to find a new supplier.

Am I ever glad that my search engine lead me to FlakeHQ!

I have both P (5 years) and PA (3 years) though the PA only appeared after I took time out for an attack of Meningitis!

I was referred to a rheumatologist who has me on 500 mg sulfasalazine and this does seem to control the PA quite well. For my P I use an ointment called DOVONEX and whilst I couldn't find any reference to this at FlakeHQ I'm sure many FlakeHQers must use this product as it is non-steroidal and is therefore preferred by doctors (in the UK at least).

Its strange but when my PA first arrived it was really difficult to cope with. It took three months for a diagnosis and for the first three to four hours each day I found it very hard to move at all. Once the diagnosis came (but still a month before the drug was prescribed) I got immediate relief. I guess this must have been due to the relief of knowing what was wrong with me.

Finding all the information at FlakeHQ and also at PsorHeads is, I'm sure, going to have a similar beneficial effect.

I've had mixed results with DOVONEX so I'll be glad to hear if anyone else has any significant results with it. -Martin S.


Ed’s Response: Am glad your Psorigon search lead you here and hope you have been reading the "Psorigon War Updates." (Look in Archives, under "psorigon.")

You should be able to find considerable information about Dovonex here and at the National Psoriasis Foundation site. I tried it a couple of years ago with mixed success and you can read my trial report here. In several letters posted here since my trial it’s been suggested overtly or discretely that perhaps I did not stick to the Dovonex long enough. If you type "dovonex" in the search-for cell on FlakeHQ’s home page (click "Search," in the nav bar, above) you should get about 56 hits, meaning letter exchanges in which the word "Dovonex" appears.

I don’t doubt that you started to improve once your P had been properly diagnosed. Stress is a factor, and having this darned disease without knowing what it is is very stressful. Whether or not becoming a regular visitor to FlakeHQ and PsorHeads will have an equally positive effect remains to be seen. (If they do, I’m definitely not charging enough for admission here at FlakeHQ!) But I hope they do.

Happy continued hunting. Get better and stay in touch. -Ed

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