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Homeopath Way (Diet) was Hard—But It Worked
from Lynne C.

Ed: I stumbled across your site today and may I say it made me laugh, just to know that I was not the only one who left a trail of flakes everywhere I went. I have had severe P for 12 years now. It started, like most people, as a couple of small spots on my legs, when I went to a doctor she couldn't decide whether it was "ring worm" or "psoriasis." I thought ring worm sounded revolting and not knowing what psoriasis was, in my sub conscious I was hoping for psoriasis!

I have tried many many treatments, I was in hospital for 6 weeks mummified with coal tar and bandages, washed in a coal tar bath, had my scalp scraped every morning ... you know the sort of thing.

A couple of years ago I decided to opt for the Homeopath way. My doctor told me to go on a vegetarian diet. To my surprise, chicken was the worst culprit because of how it’s farmed. Also, I learned to stay away from processed foods and maintain a very low saturated fat diet. It really worked, for the first time in years I was about 95% clear, I lost a lot of weight and felt great.

I then moved back home to Ireland where I got back into bad habits of eating a lot of crap and having meat again and low and behold my skin has flared. It got me down at first and then I just got used to the itching and the flaking AGAIN. But now I am determined to clear it and have started on my veggie diet. I am convinced I can do it again.

I was really touched by Al L’s Coming Out as a Flaker. I remember feeling really really low and wondering how anyone would find me attractive with these huge red flaky patches all over my body, but then I realized that I am the same person I was before, actually if anything I think having P has made me stronger. I've learned to put up with people stopping me in the streets and asking me what happened. "Were you burned" was a constant one. At one stage I felt that I might lash out if anyone came over to me in a shop or on the train... Oh, the one thing I have learned from people asking me questions is to answer them and talk to them about P. Honestly—they don't expect that!!

I have never let P dictate what I should wear. I've talked to many people who still wear long sleeve shirts and long trousers so IT cannot be seen. I have never cared what people saw (well on the outside only, I've been known to come home and have a good old cry and feel sorry for myself, but afterwards I have felt so much better).

Sorry for rambling, but once I started I couldn't stop. Thanks Ed, once again for this site. -Lynne C.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for writing, Lynne. I love this mounting evidence that diet really can be leveraged to improve P. This is the 36th email exchange archived at FlakeHQ that will be referenced when anyone searches on "diet" here. Of course, there are no doubt hundreds of thousands of flakers out there who would tell us this has been obvious all along. I would not be surprised if homeopathy experiences a real surge in popularity and respect in the coming decades. At the moment our traditional medicine isn’t doing much to advance this, but I bet new insights will emerge from the brand new and terribly exciting branch of science dubbed "bioinformatics" — stuff we’ll learn from studying the now-mapped human genome — that will reveal more direct dietary connections to specific body functions and disease.

What we need as a species, of course, is a way to easily change our diet. Our cultural intelligence is centuries behind our scientific knowledge and derived intuition. (E.g., Why is smoking still an industry? -or- Why are we poisoning our planet?) I’m willing to admit that some high percentage of what I consume is poisonous, but like you upon returning to Ireland, I’m powerless to change completely. What I eat and drink is mostly what I have acquired tastes for, and the best bet to get me to change that would be a drug, a device, a procedure — something — that would make me disacquire those tastes. I would like to be able to stand before a juicy slice of prime rib and a veggie tray (sans dip) and feel instantly that I want the carrots and the cauliflower instead of the cholesterol. Today — this very instant, in fact — for me to make such a choice would be deliberate and painful self-flogging.

Are we that far away from knowing how to disacquire harmful tastes that lead us to unhealthy consumption? I really don’t think so. However, culturally we are disinclined to make it easy. Enormous industries would face mammoth change or quick obsolescence. The very basic need to feed our species would be jeopardized because all the bad stuff nonetheless fills stomachs and without it there would be a sudden and precipitous run on good stuff for which supplies are probably insufficient. So, we go on preaching a much higher level than we practice. Oh well.

I admire your strength, Lynne, to wear anything you want. It sounds as though you’ve developed good techniques for handling the stares and the inquiries. I wish you the best of luck. Aside from the diet, you are living now in my favorite place (Ireland). Do stay in touch. -Ed

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