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Gilds Body Ointment (OTC Coal-tar extract and salicylic acid)
from PD

Hello.  I've been meaning to add another 'two cents' worth to the issue of P.  I've had a few problem spots of P on my hands that wouldn't improve with steroids, light treatments, diet, or anything. I've found a little help in fighting the tough P spots on my hands:  Gilds Body Ointment has mostly cleared the toughest spots that I've had on my hands. It's a tar/salicylic acid-based ointment so it's a stinky relationship.  I wouldn't recommend laying down with your honey right after application!  The upside is that after a 7-10 day use, it should offer a couple weeks of remission without further use.  That's my experience.

Give it a shot. Hope it helps. I gain nothing by promoting this product.




Ed’s Response:  Thanks for pointing us to this site, PD.  I’ve heard of Gilds Ointment for years but don’t think I’ve tried it.  I use a compounded coal/salicylic goop on my scalp, occluded under a shower-cap over night.  GBO sounds similar.  Something else for the arsenal. 

Readers:  Once you’ve read the contents at the web page linked above, click on “body ointment” at the bottom of that page.  This takes you to more description and a list of the ingredients in this medication.  -Ed

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