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Aquaphilic:  Another Flaker Staple?
from Spotty

Hello, Ed.  I'm very happy to have found your website! I sure wish there had been such a resource when I was first diagnosed 27 years ago. All I heard, though, was “coal tar,” “UV,” and “no cure” — not terribly encouraging for a 16 year old who was just starting over in a new town and a new high school (I adjusted so poorly to the disease, in fact, that the doc prescribed Valium and, of course, it only made me feel more isolated).

Although it took years to do, I finally made peace with it.  Sure, there were frequent incidents with the general public that hurt, but they only deepened my resolve to live normally. I wore tank tops and cutoffs, and short sleeves and skirts. I resolutely ignored the stares, and over time, the stares became less frequent. I now wonder if my self-consciousness attracted the attention in the first place, or if my new attitude is deflecting it [grin]. Ultimately, I've become convinced that it's not me with the problem — it's them! My flaw is literally only skin deep, but theirs is permanently buried deep between their ears.

Ok, enough. :)  On to my reason for writing.

I've found that keeping my skin moist is absolutely essential; if it dries out, my spots turn hot and very itchy. But there are so few products out there that do it adequately. They're either too greasy and messy, too light and ineffective, or they just require too darned many applications in a given day. For over 20 years, I've been using a product called Aquaphilic. I first encountered it in Kansas when a derm Rx'd a tar compound that used Aquaphilic as the base. After 10 years of no improvement from tar products, I fired the derm but kept the Aquaphilic, and I have no desire to use any other kind of body moisturizer.

Aquaphilic is a thick cream, properly called an ointment, I suppose, but to me "ointment" implies greasiness, and this isn't in the least. It's colorless and odorless, goes on easily, especially after showering, and provides instant relief from dryness. Even when I'm flaring like crazy, I need to apply it only once a day. It comes with or without carbamide — urea — which is great for the skin, and can also be purchased with lanolin. I use regular Aquaphilic with 10% Carbamide, as that formulation works best for me. I purchase it directly from the manufacturer at $14.50 (includes shipping) for a 1-pound jar that lasts me several weeks at worst, months at best. Their website is at http://www.medcolab.com/products.htm. To help curb the itch, try keeping a jar in the fridge for "touch-ups." :)

Aquaphilic is not a cure, but I'd be in much worse shape without it. Maybe it can help others with dry-itchy-cracking problems.

 Thanks for all you're doing. We need a no-nonsense, practical voice, as well as a place for shared humor and support.

My name is Paulette, but I'll sign off as... –Spotty :)


Ed’s Response:  Well, based on your experience, Spotty, we were remiss not having mention of Aquaphilic at FlakeHQ before.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention! It sounds like another one of those Flaker-survival-kit staples.  As per instructions at the web site you provided, I’m going to check with my pharmacist, first, and if it’s not easily got through her, I’ll order some.

If anybody else has used this and cares to comment, please do!

I like your mindset, Spotty, with regard to the unkind (or insensitive) members of the “general public”: 

I've become convinced that it's not me with the problem — it's them! My flaw is literally only skin deep, but theirs is permanently buried deep between their ears.

Oh yeah.  I wish I’d a put it that way, myself.  -Ed

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