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Still Using Skin-Cap, Waiting for Something Better
from Richard I.

Dear Mr. Dewke.  I happened to see your site after hearing about the news about what Biogen was doing [Amevive, a.k.a alefacept]. I almost wrecked my car trying to get off the freeway to hear the news.  This could mean my not having my wife yell at me for not running the vacuum cleaner every time I move!  ha ha

Can you give me any info on this new drug? I have had this crap for about 6 years and it covers about 75% of my body. I have tried every course of treatment that these doctors have given me, with very little luck.

What I have found to help me more than anything, is a product called Acadia skin gel that I put on at night and then scrub off the next day.

I am close to Mexico and am able to get Skin-Cap.

I know what everybody has been saying about these products, but they do work better than Methotrexate and Soriatane. I also have type 2 diabetes.

I used Skin-cap when I first got psoriasis and it cleared it right up. After they banned it I tried everything. It has been just since Feb. that I found it in TJ, Mexico.

It's expensive, but I have to do something. Not using anything will put me in my grave!

Thanks for a great web site. I think I have heard almost all those comments you have listed, plus a few others that I can't believe would come out of peoples mouths.  Thanks, -Richard I.


Ed’s Response: I believe the product you heard about was Biogen’s Amevive.  It may not be readily available until 2003, but it is a promising new treatment for P.  Check it out at the Biogen web site.

There are also many references to Amevive here (search from the Home page) and at the National Psoriasis Foundation site.

I trust you’re being careful with the Skin-cap.  If it’s working for you it’s a near certainty you’re using a version laced with clobetasol propionate (or some other corticosteroid) and we wouldn’t want you waking up some morning with a gaping hole in your limb where the lesion used to be!

I’m curious:  When were you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?  Over-use of corticosteroids has been linked to the onset of diabetes (weakly, I think, but it has been mentioned) and I still suspect my own use of topical prescription ointments may have triggered — or been a contributing factor to the triggering of — my type 1 diabetes.  No doc of mine will express any agreement with this, though.  If you’ve been zapping yourself liberally with the Skin-cap for a number of years you’re likely to have absorbed way more corticosteroid than me. 

Couldn’t find anything specific about Acadia skin gel.  Can you provide more information?  Maybe a web site URL?  -Ed

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