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Hawaii Is Good Medicine
from Rob T.

Backstory:  Hawaii Prescribed for Better UV Rays? from Chris

Ed:  Finally got a chance to look at FlakeHQ and look at the mail. Tell "Chris" a vacation in Hawaii did wonders for my skin several years ago. The UV rays are a lot stronger, which was probably part of it, but the salt in Hunama Bay probably didn't hurt. If nothing else, a vacation in paradise is a great way to relieve stress, and that helps. –Rob


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the confirmation, Rob.  You’ve hit on all three reasons why I think flakers find vacation ocean sun spots therapeutic:

  • sun exposure

  • salt water

  • less stress

I suspect, though, that the simple fact of “change” — however brief — is also a key factor.  I’ve heard from a number of flakers who live in Hawaii — are acclimated to it — and still flake.  I think they go to Vermont in February for relief.  (Just kidding!) -Ed

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