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Seeking Recommendation for Good Upright Vacuum
from Sharon C.

Hello.  I just found your website and it’s fantastic!

My fiancé has Geographic psoriasis (or Psoriasis Vulgaris) over 85% of his body (so he spreads himself around a lot :-).  We’ve got hardwood/vinyl floors over most of the house and have discovered the Dirt Devil 12-amp Breeze Canister vacuum is fabulous for it’s ability to vacuum our bed then — presto change-o — it becomes a handy floor vacuum.

What I’d like to find, however, are good recommendations for upright vacuums that would be really good for the carpets in the house.  I’m currently using a Eureka World Vac which is fine, but I can see that’s it’s not getting up all the dust/skin. 

Any help you can give would be appreciated.  Sincerely, -Sharon C.


Ed’s Response:  Good question, Sharon.  I’ve found no particularly dazzling upright vacuums in my price range.  I’m stuck with an older model Dirt Devil bag’n’canister upright (about 11 amps, I think) that just refuses to die.  I have a son-in-law who sells Rainbow vacuum cleaners (patented suck-through-water technology) that, for $1,500, would ... wait, stop right there. 


I told him making me part with my daughter was one thing — but parting me from $1,500 is quite another.  (Just kidding, Lisa!)

No, Sharon, I’ve pretty much decided that my approach to control dander dust and flake build up is going to have to be more dust mites.  I’m looking for a biology lab supply company now that will sell me a few million of those buggers without requiring me to have a research institution purchase order number.  This might be difficult in today’s condition of heightened security.

If anybody is particularly fond of a good carpet vacuum, please send me an email.  We need to take care of this before Sharon wears out her bed vacuum on her floors!  (Thanks, Sharon.  <wink>) -Ed

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