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Diet has Arrested Husband’s Bad Case of P and PA
from Avril H.

Dear Ed:  I almost feel guilty writing to you about my problem — having read several reports including Wanda's report and yours — but I would appreciate any answers you may be knowledgeable on to a few questions:

1) Is there is a technical difference between acrodermatitis continua and palmar plantar pustulosis?  I have been diagnosed with PPP.

2) Does either of the above conditions spread? I.e., at present I have PPP on my right large toe only.

Irrespective. I would like to tell you the following in the hope that maybe YOU and others could benefit from the information I give below and, LOL, don't write back and tell me to "practice what I preach" — I know I should!

My husband (54 years old) developed psoriasis at 30 years old.  Over a period of time it spread so badly that he was diagnosed as a severe case.  PUVA treatment had to stop as did using Methotrexate and Cyclosporine.  All these had adverse effects — as did long term use of Dermovate ointment.

Over the years he also developed psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis — to name but a few — which caused various deformities.

Living in England, I appreciate we have an advantage of a National Health Service and my husband is under a Dermatologist at a leading teaching hospital (The Middlesex Hospital in London). 

At present he has been given a drug (which is only allowed by a few teaching hospitals, as it isn't recognized as British Standard tested) which is of German origin ..... The Trade Name is FUMADERM but clinically known as DIMETHYFUMARATE + Salts (the name Fumaric Acid also comes to mind somewhere)!  It apparently is thought less damaging than Methotrexate & Cyclosporine BUT he still has to have regular blood tests to check it is not causing internal damage BUT this drug has virtually cleared his skin.

His arthritic problems, for which he takes FLEXIN (Indomethacin — a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) now outweighs his skin problem.  With all the above named arthritic conditions he was in such a bad way that he had to apply for a Disability Badge (last Christmas).  He couldn't even walk a minimal distance. He even had difficulty getting up from a chair!

While he was suffering so badly, indirectly so was I.  It isn't easy to watch your loved one deteriorate so badly and be in such permanent pain.  I suffer with Crohn's Disease (we sound a right pair LOL) and the whole situation was depressing for me, too! 

Last October I decided to seek alternative help for him.  I needed to do something positive for both our sakes!  I was introduced to an Alternatives Dr. (private - not part of our NHS) by an acquaintance I knew who swore blind this Dr. cured her Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

My husband tried an elimination diet which didn't come up with anything in particular.  It  was a CANDIDA diet.  This mainly means cutting YEAST and/or SUGAR out of your diet completely.  Sounds easy BUT it isn't!  NO more chocolate, biscuits, bread, cereals (except Shredded Wheat).  No more bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, kiwis, etc.).  No more sauces, stock cubes,  etc., etc.  It is amazing to learn, now that I have to read ingredients, how many products contain yeast and sugar!

He was also allergy tested for a few things and one test showed that "CORN" was a toxin for him.  Do you know that the majority of tablets/capsules contain corn starch to bind the powder content? Ironically by simply taking his prescribed medication it was causing him allergic bodily reactions and damage! To overcome this he now injects (every other day) an anti-allergic serum to eliminate the harmful effects of corn.  On the positive side, he can now eat corn (i.e. healthshops' "cornflakes" — no sugar content) even corn-on-the-cob occasionally with no ill effect.

For the first time in years he is virtually pain free.  Even our dogs have benefited LOL.  “Walkies" with their Dad are on again!

He has persevered with this diet for approximately 8 months now and has lost over 28 lbs.  The weight loss has obviously benefited pressure on his joints  too. 

I would be more than happy to forward any information we have (e.g., listings of acceptable foods).  However, I hope that this information gives "food for thought" to you and others and even by exploring the internet on Candida it may shed light to giving some relief from various medical conditions. 

As far as I know, nobody has ever died from Psoriasis or  Arthritis.  It is the harmful and potent drugs given that are, ironically, the killers.  

Therefore, in conclusion, allergy testing and diet are definitely worth trying.  Even spiritual healing, which can help reduce pain caused through inflammation. If a healer ever says "I can cure you of your arthritis," he/she is not genuine!

Of course, it can be costly to find the right help BUT nothing is more important in life than having good health!  The next stage, for us, will be to experiment with cutting down on his medicinal drugs to see if the diet alone can keep him pain free!

With sincere best wishes to all. -Avril H.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this, Avril.  A marvelous counter-argument to the discussion Dave W. and I are having elsewhere in this month’s mail (More About Dr. Connolly).

Candida diet hasn’t been discussed here in a long time, but if you search on “candida” from the home page you’ll see over half a dozen exchanges in which the subject has been discussed.  Your account is the most compelling so far and I’m very glad you shared it with us.

The two questions you asked at the onset of your email are properly addressed by a dermatologist, which I am not, so I won’t risk confusing the matter.

I hope you’ll write again and keep us apprized of your husband’s condition.  Meanwhile, our best wishes to both of you.  –Ed

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