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Diet Triggers It; Diet Makes it Go Away
from J.D.

I have been reading about the Pagano diet, which worked well for me, but I couldn't stick with it.  [Search on Pagano from the home page for many references to this famous psoriasis-thwarting diet.]

What I have found is that I have an intolerance to animal fats, particularly butter.  If I indulge in eating beef or butter, for instance, I will have a pustular outbreak the next day on an area of my body where I have fat deposits; i.e. hips or thighs.  When I eat "right," these clear up.

It looks to me like the toxins in the skin idea has some merit.  I think my skin is a perfectly healthy organ; the problem comes from somewhere else in the system.

I should add that I have been taking a low dose of methotrexate for over 20 years with no ill effects, and spectacular success with my very serious P. -J.D.


Ed’s Response:  I’m glad you sent this J.D.  You are among hundreds who say exactly the same thing about the Pagano Diet.  It worked but I couldn’t stick with it. 

Have you had an allergist test you to determine if your reaction to animal fats (and derivative products) might be an allergy?  I have harped for years on the subject of allergy and P being related and authorities continue to tell me “no” while evidence continues to mount to the contrary.  If there’s no linear connection between them, perhaps they are two branches stemming from some common cause?  I don’t know, and I’m too old to start a new career in dermatological research.  Harping, on the other hand, comes natural to me.

Am glad to hear, too, that you’ve been on MTX for so many years with no ill effects.  I’m hoping one of the new biologics will enable me to leave MTX for good.  I’m on a relatively large weekly dose (25 mgs) and the results are less than satisfactory.  The ache in the knees is starting to return and I’ve got several old familiar lesions back with apparent intent to stay. -Ed

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