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Info Helps Her Deal with Her Lover’s P
from Claudia

Hi Ed, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great site.  I stumbled across it while searching for more information regarding P.  I’ve fallen in love with someone with Psoriasis and it came as a shock when he told me about it.  I didn’t understand it at all.  Thanks to your site and others I feel a whole lot better now and willing (more than) to face the future. -Claudia


Ed’s Response:  You’ve made me feel good, Claudia.  Not everyone who has P is lucky enough to find a significant other with the interest and devotion to pursue understanding.  And it makes a lot of difference.  The way we feel about ourselves is a complex jumble of thoughts and emotions, many of which we borrow from what we believe we see reflected in others’ eyes.  No, these reflections aren’t rational; sometimes they may be completely wrong.  But how often do we feel comfortable asking (with pouty lips) Would you love me more if my skin was clear?  We are embarrassed, so we do not ask.  Instead we take that second glance at the flaming lesion to heart:  Why did you look there, again, instead of longingly into my eyes?  It’s because you cannot love me enough while my skin is like this.

Because we are people we can be so simple.  So fragile.

And the act of someone else wanting to understand is a tremendous kindness.  Like pure oxygen to a gasping person.  Joy.  And, yes, Love.

Thank you, Claudia.  -Ed

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