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More on Homemade UVB Lamps 
from Anonymous

Ed:  With regard to Homemade UVB Lamp Misrepresented originally posted in April this year:  Robert R. is fortunate his UVA lamp works. There is more of a difference between UVA and UVB than just 30 nm, which you implied. An analogy might be the difference between violet and blue light, about 50 nm. They are not the same, nor will biological organisms or tissues necessarily react the same.

Anyway, I read about Richard G. and Tony O. and their stories [Looking for Home UV Suppliers]. I found that if a person can get a prescription, there are several suppliers of UVB lamps, and getting one is easy. If not, there are two ways to beat the system. One is that US suppliers can ship overseas without a prescription. So, if they know anyone overseas, then that is an alternative. Another is to contact scientific supply companies. UV has many industrial and scientific applications.  In either case, the lamps are not cheap.

If a person has not actually tried UVB therapy successfully through a doctor and learned how to use it, it would be well worth the cost to go to a doctor first. Then if it works, invest in a lamp. -Anonymous


Ed’s Response:  Sounds like good advice, especially the last paragraph. -Ed

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