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Dead Sea:  Progressively Milder Relapses?
from Noreen

Hi Ed:  I wrote to you last fall after I returned from the Dead Sea in Israel with 90+% clearing. Now, 8 months later, I am experiencing a relapse.

I was told that you will certainly relapse some 5-6 months after your return from the Dead Sea and that the recurrence will be much less than your original severity. In my case, only about 50% of my P has reappeared, which is a blessing — but I looked so good for a few months that even this 50% is depressing and upsetting to me.

I am contemplating a return to the Dead Sea this fall, thinking that I will surely clear again in 3 weeks, then another 5-6 months of remission.  Then when only 50% comes back I will be at an even better place than I am now. 

My husband feels that I have it on the run with this climatotherapy and I should press forward.   It was hard work and I am reluctant to return so soon — so I am trying to find info for some treatment in the States. Soap Lake comes to mind, but I can find no information on it, then of course there is your basic sun & surf vacation, again I find very few testimonials.  Any thoughts? Thank you, -Noreen


Ed’s Response:  You won’t find the directed P-treatment programs at Soap Lake, Washington, like you do at the Dead Sea — at least, not yet — but you will be experiencing a climate (and waters) that are believed to help P.  Read my March ’01 Briefing for more background on what Soap Lake is up to.  Also read about Linda L.’s experiences there.

Your notion of continuously “halving” the relapses by repeat visits to the Dead Sea is interesting and one I’ve not heard before.  You should drop Ben Freeman at the Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation of America an email about this theory.  If I understand it correctly, 50% of your previous P came back 6 months after your first visit.  You propose returning to the Dead Sea.  You expect 50% relapse of the previous 50% relapse, which would be 25% of your original P.  If this recurring formula works, after three visits you should only sport 12.5% of your original P 6 months after the 3rd trip....

It’s too neat, Noreen.  If it worked that way it would be one for the record books.  But if it does work that way, let us know!  -Ed

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