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Stopped Fighting After 25 Years
from David W. (U.K.)

Hello, I enjoy your site although I prefer to be a "lizard" rather than a flaker. I have had P all over since the age of 14.  I'm now 39. I’ve tried most things that the doctors have offered with little or no success. They have given me Cortizone, Dermovate, Betnovate, Dithronol and now Dovonex.

I must admit I’m grateful for the national health system here in the U.K. as I use three 100g tubes every four weeks and I get them for free!

The Dithronol was an interesting treatment if you like the colour purple. I spent four weeks in hospital at the age of 26 being coated in Dithronol putty and then tubegripped like a mummy so that I could improve my skin prior to getting married. It did work at least for a short while and that year was probably the only "clearish" year I've had.

Dovonex is the best control cream I've used. It clears up my skin to a point where I can get lazy and then the cycle starts again. My problem is that I'm very lazy about my treatments and I will not let them rule my life. I use Dovonex only once a day instead of twice as I don’t like the thought of the quantity of "drugs" going through my system.

I hope the fact that I'm lazy with my treatments benefited me during my seven years of Dermovate use!

So what for the future? I think the biggest step forward you can make as a lizard is to accept your lot and stop fighting it. Once you reach this acceptance it makes the burden of P much easier to bare in my mind at least. The two best pieces of advice I can give are: remember that the person with no shoes felt unlucky until they met the person with no feet; and always buy a good brand of vacuum cleaner to clear up where you've been! Best regards, -David W. (U.K.)


Ed’s Response:  And good advice that is, David!  I was, however, surprised not to see one or more of the systemic P treatments in your list of “have trieds.”  300 grams of topicals every 4 weeks (12 grams per day) is a lot of goo used over 15 years.  Most derms I’ve seen would have pursued a systemic alternative by now.

Of course, there may be any number of reasons why this is ruled out in your case.

Certainly your current Dovonex regimen is understandable.  About three years ago my derm tried this on me as “relief” from my, by then, 7-year run with topical corticosteroids.  (See Ed’s Dovonex Trial.) 

Good luck to you.  I know your frame of mind is sound.  Let us know how you’re getting on from time to time.  -Ed

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