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Blacklisted as Blood Donor for Taking Drug that Didn’t Work 
from Ellie H.

I have just come from the same surprising encounter with the blood bank — their rejection of my offer to donate today. 

What a shock, to be permanently deferred for taking a few month’s of medication, and although there was the typical long list of side effects, nothing about blood donation was noted. They did suggest that people of child-bearing age would be advised not to take the medication. I wouldn't have taken it, even if they had suggested the 3 year deferment, but that is water over that dam now!

Too bad the Tegison didn't even help the psoriasis.   Disappointed in Freeport, Il,  -Ellie


Ed’s Response:

Backstory from the Archives: 
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At least you know, Ellie, from the stories archived here, that your experience being rejected as a blood donor is not unique. 

Like most P treatments, Tegison didn’t work for everybody.  The same is true for its replacement, Soriatane.  The difference is that Soriatane isn’t supposed to get you permanently blacklisted as a blood donor.

I hope you’ve found something to control your P.  -Ed

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