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Zinc, Kelp and Gin Seng
from Vix

Hi Ed :  I'm a 31 year old English girl and I've had P since I was 11. Having only just got access to WWW through work I didn't know there was so many of us out there. I certainly didn't know how much help you could get through one of these web pages.

I just want to say thank you for giving the lighter side of P. I know it's not much to laugh about but still I'd rather laugh than cry.

I can't honestly say I've ever really let it bother me, I've had the odd comments and questions but I try to answer honestly and explain. At the moment I'm in the midst of a breakout on my chin and I feel the need to talk.  (As this is very painful at the moment I thought I'd type instead). One guy at work said, “That must really make you feel self conscious.” My reply (or should that be mumble because I can't open my mouth properly), “Only when people mention it.” I'm trying to give it a chance to heal on its own. I don't like putting the creams on my face. Hopes of a good hot summer to help alleviate it are shrinking fast, but living in Yorkshire I should know to expect this weather. I've decided I must have been a snake in my previous life and just got too attached to the shedding habit.

Anyway ... main reason for writing: I've been taking vitamins and supplements for the last 4 months and have noticed a real improvement in my P on elbows legs and one patch on my stomach has completely cleared, I thought I'd share this. I know some things work for one and not others — but hell it's worth a go. I take:

Zinc as Citrate in Vitamin C (this form of Zinc prevents stomach upset) 
Gin seng

I don't know which one’s working as I'm taking them all for different reasons and I ain't gonna try stopping one to find out.

Anyway, Ed, thanks again for your site.  It’s made me laugh.  -Vix


Ed’s Response:  You’re welcome, Vix.  You are one of a significant population of flakers who have found some relief in dietary supplements.  I don’t blame you for not “experimenting” with your winning combination to learn which ingredient has most to do with your improvement.  (I was one of those incorrigible boys who tore everything apart to learn how it worked.  Can’t begin to count the number of toys and appliances I ruined before I learned the value of faith-based appreciation!)

Zinc has had quite a history as a P palliative (a little of which you can read about here by searching on “zinc”).  While I haven’t read nearly as much about kelp and gin seng related to P, everybody has heard of them as food supplements.

I hope your improvement continues.  Let us know.  -Ed

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