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Another Acrodermatitis Continua Sufferer
from Kevin

Hi, I just read your letter from Wanda regarding her acrodermatitis.  I am 22 years old and I, too, have been diagnosed with acro.  However, I appear to be in much better shape then her. 

When my symptoms first arose they appeared in the form of blisters, then deep cracks and swelling in my hands and feet.  Thankfully now the acro appears to be only on my right foot.  I can strongly sympathize with Wanda as this condition is extremely painful! 

So far I have had numerous steroid shots to control the acro as well as using Ultravate ointment.  The ointment seems to help me keep it under control and keep the swelling in check.  I am also very fortunate in that although I live in a medium sized city, my dermatologist was excellent!  He had no problems admitting that after exhausting all of his facilities — i.e., allergy tests, numerous biopsies and meds — I needed to see a specialist; and he sent me to the University of California at San Francisco Stanford Health Care.  Here I was seen by a doctor who is a leading expert in the world.  He took one look at my foot and knew exactly what I had.  It was a great relief just to finally figure out what this stuff was!

I would just like to say again, that I sympathize with Wanda. I know how painful this can be and it affects a lot in your life, like even wearing tennis shoes.  I have changed all of my doctors because of this, and now thankfully found some good ones that are willing to take the time to help me. 

I'm sure Wanda has tried this, but the Ultravate cream seems to work best for me so far.  And one more thing, I've read that stress has something to do with the severity of the outbreaks.  I realize that it is really difficult not to be stressed when you can't use your hands or walk without pain, but maybe trying deliberately to relax will, itself, reduce the stress.  It’s worth a try... -Kevin, A fellow sufferer


Ed’s Response:  In addition to Wanda’s letter (linked in Kevin’s text, above), readers new to Acrodermatitis Continua of Hallopeau will want to read Acitretin (Soriatane) for Acrodermatitis Continua from Steve E.

Ultravate is strong topical corticosteroid similar to Temovate or Diprolene.

So far, all the treatments for AC brought to our attention here at FlakeHQ have been the same as P treatments.  Thanks for contributing your info, Kevin.  -Ed

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