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“Newbie” to Guttate P
from Jeddie

How happy I am to have found this site!  I’ve had the first few laughs (amongst the tears) I’ve been able to truly have for the past 16 weeks!

As a "newbie" to guttate P, I’ve been very self absorbed and depressed.  It’s so nice to read from others who share my experiences. Hopefully I’ll learn to face these rotten little suckers with a sense of humor soon.  :) Regards, Jeddie (Melbourne, Australia)


Ed’s Response:  We’re glad you found a few light moments here, Jeddie.  Guttate psoriasis, for those who may not know, is characterized by small droplet-sized lesions.  The word guttate means drop, as in rain drop.  This form of P is the one most commonly linked with the “sore throat trigger” — specifically, strep infections. While the lesions aren’t as thick or flaky as plaque lesions, they often involve larger portions of the body.  According to Dr. Lowe’s book, Psoriasis: A Patient’s Guide (available through the National Psoriasis Foundation[]) guttate P usually responds well to UV light treatments and is one type of P that may go away permanently.

Chin up, Jeddie.  Your sense of humor was merely on holiday for awhile.  -Ed

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