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Psorigon/PS-98 UK War Report


Another Victim
from Colin B.

To Ed: Glad to hear there is someone looking out for us. Just happen to hit your site and read the article about PS-98. I was one of many who bought the cream with the original ingredients, found that it worked, then bought a second lot and found that it did not work and made my skin sting. I hope this will inform other people not to buy it. -Colin B.



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Psorigon War Update (May 00) 


News from Cherry S.

[From email dated May 5...] I just found out this morning that my legal aid has been refused because of admin type things really. At least it is not because we earn too much money!! That was my biggest worry, I thought that we were just outside of the means test. The solicitor is going to sort it out and appeal and hopefully, it should go through. If I win then yes, I will be able to claim all the legal expenses back and any other costs. The Psoriasis Association [UK] are helping me as much as they can. I may have to mention money to them later! They are printing an appeal in their next newsletter and they are aware of many people that contacted them to say that their skin had gotten worse; so, we hope to get a good response from that. There is also an article coming out in Bella Magazine (a national UK women's magazine) at the end of this month, and we should get a good response from that, too. There are 5 of us now forming together [to litigate against the manufacturer of Psorigon]. If just one of us, or the others that hopefully will join us, qualify for the legal aid, then we can all jump on that wagon. If all else fails, I can still take out an insurance policy and do "no win—no fee." I'll keep you posted.

[From email dated May 26...] The article will come out in Bella on 13 June. I have recently picked up another 3 sufferers, one who is actually going through his steroid rebound now. I am still waiting to hear about legal aid. The Psoriasis Association [UK] are now corresponding with our solicitor. We also expect to get a good response from an appeal in the Psoriasis Association newsletter.


Keeping fingers crossed. -Ed

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