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Found Us By Accident
from Sandra B.

Dear Ed: I was searching for a place that takes clothing donations here in the San Francisco Bay Area and lo and behold information about skin disorders >psoriasis popped up on my screen! I thought "What is this—a sign from my itch angels?" as I scratched a few hundred flakes from my scalp.

Of course I immediately clicked around and found your FlakeHQ! God Bless you! I have had P for eighteen years and felt like I was the only one searching, trying, trusting, hoping. I am going to read every article, archive and email, but I just had to thank you for helping me find my long lost P tribe. -Sandra B.


Ed’s Response: Well, Sandra ... I’m not sure how clothing donations got you to FlakeHQ on the Web, but if my taking a few of your outdated garbs will keep you here and interested, send’m on! In the meantime, please do not ruin your eyes, your disposition, or your funny bone as you plow through "every article, archive and email." I’m not sure I’d even survive that, Sandra.

We are a bit of a tribe, though. I think you hit that nail on the head, Sandra. And if you like reading about this condition we share (and our experiences with it), do check out PsorHeads and the "Other Places" noted here. We’re a diverse bunch.

One thing. Don’t say, "I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine" unless your serious! -Ed

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