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Lonely in Cyberspace
from Hazel

Hey there Ed and Clara: Well, I've been into PsorHeads, registered my nick [nickname for chat] and there I sit in the chat room all by myself. Somehow or other we are going to have to get the times organized so we can all get together. It's a great idea though, sort of like one of those MSN communities where you can post messages and photos ... not that I'm suggesting we share photos of our spots and blemishes of course.

The best bet would be over the weekend at a time when even those on a 10 hour time difference can reasonably expect to still be awake.

Good news at the moment is that my P has disappeared, I know it's only temporary but I guess a few days without is better than nothing. The dermatologist I went to gave me this yucky mixture which seems to be working. Smells awful and I put it in a ketchup bottle (*squeezy) to make it easier to apply, but hell, it seems to be working. I’ll give it another couple of weeks and then send you the ingredients and a report. OK, let me know when chatting begins in earnest and I'll be there. -Hazel (Rustenburg, South Africa)


Background: Hazel’s Back and Wants To Chat 

Ed’s Response: Great news on your P. The concept of stowing our potions and unguents in a squeezable ketchup bottle for faster dispensing is compelling, but the prospect of grand kids goofing at one of those "eat-all-day-anywhere-in-or-out-of-the-house" functions gives me a brain infarction. Not that our potions and unguents may poison the kiddies if ingested, more likely they’d like the stuff and never settle for plain old ketchup again. I do believe most culinary (and medical, for that matter) breakthroughs occur when somebody eats something by accident. How the heck else could we have ever considered eating things like brussels sprouts and non-dairy butter ... or how else could they have figured out that bread mold could kill germs?

Sorry you got stuck alone in PsorHeads chat, Hazel. Since you’re relatively new to chat (picked up the habit while on holiday in Great Brit, didn’t you?) you needed this rite-of-passage experience. It’s a sobering aspect of life in cyberspace. Your digital self can be lonely, too.

The good news is it doesn’t mean we don’t care! Weekends probably are the best time to schedule transoceanic chats and perhaps we should try one in July. I’ll try to schedule one and announce it in next month’s update. (I’d do it this month, but I’m on holiday for two weeks.)

I’d welcome opinion from anybody else who has a "best time" to join in a flaker’s chat at PsorHeads.

Meanwhile, I look forward to your final report on the ketchup bottle concoction. No, let’s call it the "interim" report, because if it works you’ll continue to use it. Right? (Er ... both the medicine and the ketchup bottle.) -Ed

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