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Full-body Rebound After Methotrexate
from Sue M.

Hi Ed, I've written to you before and just wanted to touch base with you. I've endured my fourth bout of erythrodermic P. Over 98 % of my body was completely covered. Miserable and in pain, I hobbled to my dermatologist only to find that she was on maternity leave. The derm in charge started me on methotrexate on Monday, November 29, and for the next five months I was clear. I quit taking the medicine two weeks ago and immediately started breaking out again. I really didn't like feeling tired all of the time and I gained a lot of weight while on the big M. How did your experience with Methotrexate end?

What really makes it worse is that my roommate wants to go to the beach and I can't deal with the sun anymore. Oh well, I'll take a cellar any day. -Sue M.


Ed’s Response: Sorry to hear about your MTX experience, Sue. I experienced weight gain and lethargy, too, but I wasn’t quick to associate the weight gain with methotrexate. This is probably because, as a diabetic, I’m constantly told managing my weight is going to be difficult. It wasn’t until recently that I correlated my recent gain with my 8 months on MTX ... but the correlation exists. I’m anxious to see what happens weight-wise now, while I’m using cyclosporine (hopefully I’ll shed a few pounds).

I stopped taking MTX when my plaque lesions started to return. When the hands became totally corrupt (again) I decided to ask for an increase in dosage (I was taking 20 mg weekly). Instead, my derm switched me to cyclosporine, a regimen that today—at day 45 on the cyclo—hasn’t improved my condition. Interesting thing about the MTX: My scalp P went away after 3 months on methotrexate and has stayed away, even during this switch to cyclosporine (knock on wood). Also, my psoriatic arthritis disappeared at 3 months into the MTX and it has only now begun to bother me again. Presumably the cyclosporine will help the PA, too. We’ll see.

I share your sentiments about cellars. I’ve been fond of them since my bedroom was relegated to one when I was about eight. Garages are next best (I’m working in mine, now—although it doesn’t much resemble a garage anymore).

Take care and stay in touch, Sue. -Ed

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