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Update on Newfoundland P Research
from Scott M.

Just read your archived message about the west coast community in Newfoundland where the P population is high. I live in St. John's, Newfoundland, about a 6-7 hour drive from the west coast. The P Population in Newfoundland as a whole is high. Our direct ancestors are from Europe, mostly England and Ireland. The name of the research clinic in St. John's is: NewLab Clinical Research. Dr. Wayne Gulliver and a few other great derms are making great research efforts into the causes of the disorder and are focusing on the genetic aspects.

I'm 22 and have had mild-to-moderate P since I was 17. I am currently a patient of Dr. Gulliver in Newfoundland and recently tried injections of Peptide T to treat my P. It cleared a lot of my lesions and I was quite happy with it—it even stayed away once I stopped using it. My knowledge is limited on the chemistry of the drug, but I believe it affects T-cell behavior. The drug was offered to me as a nasal spray, and there were zero side-effects. I researched the drug on the net and I can remember reading something about it being used to treat AIDS patients with their lesions.

I suggest contacting Dr. Gulliver and NewLab for more information. NewLab has made great strides in the research of P and I expect them to continue to do so in the future.

All the best and keep up this great web site! -Scott in NF, Canada.


Background: Research In a Flaking Newfoundland Community 

Ed’s Response: Oh wow! You won’t believe this! A few days ago I finished reading Wayne Johnston’s The Colony of Unrequited Dreams and, because that book (an historical novel about Newfoundland) is simply awesome, Newfoundland’s been on my mind like a show tune one can’t shake. It made me remember that piece of correspondence here about the P community and when I looked it up it saddened me to realize I’d never received any follow-up. Then, whamo! here’s your e-mail. Life works!

At The Skin Page I looked up peptide t in the Onelook Dictionaries and here is part of what I found: "[Peptide T] is potentially useful as antiviral agent in AIDS therapy. The core pentapeptide sequence, ttnyt, consisting of amino acids 4-8 in peptide t, is the HIV envelope sequence required for attachment to the CD4 receptor." Reading stuff like this makes me terribly dangerous, so I’m not even going to start interpreting.... I thought I’d copy it here, though, as it confirms your supposition about the stuff’s AIDS application.

I appreciate the specifics about Dr. Gulliver and NewLab. That answers two of my big questions from last March. As he’s your derm, would you relay an invite for us? Could you ask Dr. Gulliver if he’d be a guest speaker at a PsorHeads Chat sometime? If he’s amenable, could you have him e-mail me?

Thanks again for writing, Scott. I look forward to hearing more from you! -Ed

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