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Vagisil for P?
from Roger D.

Hi Ed. Well, it's my time of year, as you know, and I have to say I'm already seeing some improvement with the sun and relaxation. I haven't forgotten your postcard and promise I'll send you one before long.

Two things have been on my mind—and that's a lot at one time for me.

I've been watching for some follow-up on the cod liver oil and flax seed oil, and was wondering if you've heard any more on that.

The second is that someone recently recommended Vagisil as a topical and reported having excellent results from it. Have you heard anything on this, or have any insight into it?

Well, back to the stress relief. More sun tomorrow. Love these holiday weekends. -Roger D.


[Background: For a list of e-mail from our favorite nudist, use the "Search" link at the top of this page to return to the FlakeHQ home page, then type "Roger D." in the Search For box.]

Ed’s Response: There hasn’t been any follow-up on the cod liver oil and flax seed oil discussion, Roger. Doing a search of the newsgroup archives from The Skin Page yielded several mentions but not too much definitive. This is the first I have ever heard of Vagisil used as a P topical. Wouldn’t it be something if it worked! Click here for a list of the ingredients in Vagisil Anti-itch Cream. I am migrating most of your e-mail over to the "Treatments" Forum at PsorHeads to see what we come up with (click on the icon to go there from here).

Do your colleagues at the nudist camp know that your au naturel flaking has turned you into a cause celebre here in cyberspace? (I believe FlakeHQers check the monthly Mail page for your name first, then go there immediately to see if there are pictures! ... So, as we're still awaiting your postcard, here's one of my own so as not to disappoint our readers....) -Ed

Alexandria & Jonathan

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