(May, 1999)

What Else To Do But Laugh?
from Cass

I enjoy your web site. Boy do some of these things sound so familiar!

My husband has decided that I am ok to have sex with again. Now he wants to know why I am not interested.

I have been getting light treatments with success, along of course with 4 different topical ointments and a wonderful tar bath every night. So, now I will probably have liver failure or skin cancer. What else can I do but laugh? So thanks for your site! -Cass


Ed's Response: Think positively, Cass. It's funny, and we laugh together, because of how hard we've got to paddle just to stay in place (i.e., look normal). Chances are you will NOT have liver failure OR skin cancer. And hopefully, hubby's and your attitudes will find synch and ... the other can happen again, too. -Ed

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