(May, 1999)

On Methotrexate
from Mark Shaw

Ed's Preface: After publishing last month Kim's e-mail about her husband's Methotrexate experience (Methotrexate Made Him Downright Mean), I e-mailed Mark Shaw and asked him to comment. Mark's page on the web is linked through "Other Places" here. Mark took Methotrexate for quite a while and published an article at his web site that explains his decision and experience. Mark read Kim's e-mail at FlakeHQ and sent this.


Hi Ed. I've read Kim's letter on your web site, I must say that I never experienced any side effects such as changes in character whilst taking MTX. As far as I'm aware, my sister, who has been taking MTX for approx. 3 years now, has never experienced any [character or personality effects] either. (She's just always been that way!)

When I hear about the physical & psychological pain that people go through with P, I can only recommend that they try MTX. Unfortunately, it didn't work perfectly for me but I think it was worth the shot.

I find it interesting though that Kim mentioned her husband has a stressful job. We've both heard P attributed to stress before. I've never really considered it a cause of P, especially when kids develop P when they are too young to be stressed. -Mark.


Ed's Response: Thanks for your comments, Mark. -Ed

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