(May, 1999)

First Me, Then Dad
from Shirley F.

Hello. I'm Shirley. I've had pustules on my hands, feet and nails for 35 years. I cope but hate it. I'm now trying to only use safe, non-medical creams. Would you believe it: My father who is 95 has just begun to flake! -Shirley F.


Ed's Response: Yes, I WOULD believe it, Shirley. That is a good fact to hear because it tends to corroborate two suspicions many of us believe about P. One, that it is a genetic proclivity (hence inherited and passed on); two, that individuals trigger differently, suggesting it is a "gene interaction" that causes psoriasis and not just an "on/off switch gene." You and your Dad have probably always had the proclivity (the gene or genes) but your triggering so much earlier than your father suggests very different interactions at work in the two of you.

Tell Dad if you've handled it for 35 years, he can, too. And good luck with your non-medical approach to control. -Ed

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