(May, 1999)

Debilitating P on Hands
from Jeanne

Hi. My name is Jeanne and I have severe psoriasis on my hands and fingers. Sometimes I can't even open my hands. I have learned too live with it, but it is hard. I would like to hear from anyone with this problem. -Jeanne, e-mail: [email protected]


Ed's Response: Here is your first contact with a simpatico from FlakeHQ, Jeanne. My hands haven't gotten SO bad that I can't open them, but they have gotten so bad that opening them made them crack and bleed. I've been on a prolonged bad-hands period since before Christmas and it's got me bothered. As I've reported here many times, usually a few nights in the food handler's gloves (occlusion therapy, with Temovate®, Diprolene®, or Halog® as the medicine) will do the trick, but it hasn't been working well over the past few months and right now I'm out of food handler's gloves!

I've been thinking about extending the occlusion time by wearing some of those chopped-off mittens—you know, those kind with the fingers open so you have at least SOME function—over plastic wrap and medicine.

I've published your e-mail address (above). Hopefully you'll hear from others who share our condition. Stay in touch! -Ed

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