(May, 1999)

from Dave HS.

I recently heard through a friend that a company named Genesis Research & Development has developed a product called PVAC that has gone through trials in the Philippines for the last two years with a 50% success rate. I have searched for any other information, but with no success, anyone know anymore? -Dave HS.


Ed's Response: I throw this out as an invitation for more information. Is this what was causing a stir on the news group a while back? I have very little information but understand there have been unsubstantiated rumors coming out of the Philippines. NPF is, I believe, on the case. I can't help but wonder, though: Who would publish and/or get excited about a 50% success rate? If I was Genesis Research & Development and had a drug that strikes out half the time, I think I'd be quiet about it, too. -Ed

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