(May, 1999)

More Ulcerative Colitis
from Harry H.

Whoa—I can't believe I've finally read about other people who have both psoriasis and UC [ulcerative colitis]. I've always thought that there was a connection between the two, but neither the gastroenterologists nor the dermatologists I've seen have ever acknowledged it. It just seems that my body hates itself and doesn't recognize me as being "me." That's more philosophical than I'd usually like to get, but that is how it seems.

I started getting UC when I was 18 ... and noticed my first tiny spot of psoriasis about 8 months later. I was bleeding so much during BM's (perhaps 1/4 cup?) that I was sure I had cancer. The University of GA doctor asked me if I engaged in anal intercourse often! (The answer was and is "no"... an emphatic NO! Sure embarrassed me, though!)

I am now 38 and have psoriasis over 40% of my body. Bad mojo. My self image and formerly sunny disposition have both gone down the tubes.

I've noticed that if I let my skin get out of control, my UC is almost in complete remission; when I do PUVA and get completely healed up, the colitis comes back with a vengeance. It's enough to just make me friggin' SCREAM sometimes ... most of the time, really.

The worst thing I have heard? My wife trying to play Jr. Psychologist: "Oh, I think I know what your problem is: Your psoriasis is due to your unresolved Mother issues."

AARRRGH!! -Harry H.


Ed's Response: Thanks, Harry, for responding to DSD's e-mail in January, in which we first brought up this connection between ulcerative colitis and P (see link at end). Your situation DOES SEEM infuriating: if the P is quiet the UC is flaming, or vice versa. Yes, that would lead one to conclude your immune system is certainly revolting (any connotation of that last word works).

I'm curious. Have any docs discussed Methotrexate in your case? Have you tried ANY systemic remedies?

Your wife's Jr. Psychologist line really sunk home. When my second marriage was going through its final agonies I agreed, on my wife's urging, to visit her shrink. I only did this once. She (the shrink) concluded (in one visit!) that my marital problems were projections of my own "unresolved Mother issues." My response echoed your own. AARRRGH!! -Ed

Ulcerative Colitis Became Psoriasis

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