(May, 1999)

Candidiasis Therapy Beat My Psoriasis
from Brenda P.

Dear Ed: I have suffered from Psoriasis for approximately six years and have gone through most of the available treatments. At times I have been covered from ears to toes with the unsightly lesions. About two months ago I was at my wit's end from the constant itch and developed an infection. My entire body was covered with pustules and I cried for three days. I was forced into taking some time off of work and started to search the web with hopes of finding something new to relieve the itch and pain. I stumbled across an article on treating Chronic Candidiasis Syndrome. I took the article to my Doctor and he of course said the treatment suggested was not medically proven. So I took matters into my own hands and went to the health food store and purchased The Yeast Busters kit they recommended.

I have followed the diet from the Yeast Connection Handbook I purchased after reading the various articles. The P on my arms torso and ears has completely cleared up. The P on my legs is much improved and looking as though it will clear, too. I have not been this clear in several years. I have absolutely no itch, unless I eat sugar, which is the key element to eliminate in this program. I strongly recommend that anyone suffering look this article up on the net and check it out.


I visited my Doctor today and he was totally amazed at the change in my appearance. He still isn't totally convinced that this is the answer for all psoriatics; however, he asked if I'd mind his sharing this with a few of his patients.

Ed, I also read about how your psoriasis flared up after a move to another part of the country. My Psoriasis started in 1987 immediately following a move from Alberta (very dry climate) to Toronto (very humid with lots of pollution) and I, too, was treated for allergies for a number of years before the first full blown attack of flakes.

I hope this helps others as it has helped me. Please keep me informed and spread the word. Thanks. -Brenda P.


Ed's Response: I've read "Dr. Darren's" article and it is CERTAINLY INTERESTING. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Brenda. I recommend anyone not happy with their current P treatment read this article. Here's the URL again:


Deep into the article, Darren has a section specifically about P and CS. Towards the end of that section, he writes:

There have also been numerous other studies published that have correlated dermatological diseases with Candida of the skin and gastrointestinal tract (too numerous to list—see references...). One might think that the publication of such information would provoke nothing less than a revolution in medicine. However, obviously, this has not been the case. Some have considered the loss of profits from psoriasis patients as a factor.

Nervy thing for Darren to write, but I appreciate the sentiment. Elsewhere in Darren's links he confesses to being "a molecular genetics student at the Ohio State University," so I'm not sure what the "Dr." signifies. It does NOT sound like an M.D.—which might explain his candor.

Do keep us apprized of your condition, Brenda. As we both have that "allergy tendency," I'd be very interested in hearing from you in the Fall, after you've been on the CS therapy for a few months AND survived another allergy season. Thanks! -Ed

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