(May, 1999)

from E.

Hi! I'm a twenty year old tour guide who hadn't seen her kneecaps since she was six! I'm from Savannah, GA, USA and just try giving a 45 minute-long tour of an unairconditioned house in tights and a sweater! In August! My childhood was very, hmmm, interesting. I heard all the lines, wasn't allowed to play with the other kids because their mommies didn't want their babies to get AIDS or leprosy or whatever they thought I had. You know how it goes.

Last winter ... uhm, winter 97, actually ... I had the most painful outbreak ever! My skin was cracking and bleeding, and my lesions were about six inches long and wrapped almost all the way around my arms. My knees were painful enough I didn't want to go shopping for fear of the walking. Imagine! Not shopping! Horror.

Anyway, all the medicines worked for the usual time, then quit. Then in January, the pain stopped, and by September '98, my biggest patch was one inch square.

And damned if I know why. But, I thank the Gods every time someone DOESN'T notice my skin!

My husband has been nothing but supportive from my scaliest, and my family always kept me laughing, but there is nothing quite like a miracle!

Keep hopeful, dearies, one day you might see your kneecaps again as well! -E.

P.S. One of my distant relatives read that we tend to clear up during pregnancy, so starting when I was about 14 a group has been trying to convince me this was the way! Good lord!


Ed's Response: Congratulations about the kneecaps, E. It's wonderfully infuriating when our P abates for no apparent reason—especially after all the money and time we've spent on meds and regimens. In your case I did a little reading between the lines. You are 20 and married. I'm deducing that means you haven't been married very long. Right? Could it be the lifestyle change has had something to do with your P remission? I know it sounds like a stretch but, hey, stranger things have happened. For my entire life from age 5 until 20 I suffered from stammering on and off. It was recurring with a vengeance when I was 20, until I got married. In general, the state of matrimony hasn't worked out well for me over the past 28 years; however, one thing it has done is cured the stammer completely. Why not psoriasis?

Enjoy those knees! -Ed

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