(May, 1999)

Nail Injections and Fumaric Capsules
from Sue D.

I read about fumaric acid capsules in a newspaper article in the News Extra—Jan 1992. I'm not sure if that was when we were in N. J. , N.Y. State or visiting in Florida.

I have had nail psoriasis since I was 26 or 27. It was kind of scary starting with one nail and spreading to another and then another until eventually all but two nails were corrupted. Occasionally I would have a little P in the pubic area, but it would clear up if I avoided over bathing and soap. Now I use Westcort® or Cutivate® at the first sign of P to keep it under control .

I went to a Dr. H. in New York City 20 years ago for injections in my fingernails, but stopped when I decided it was not important to me esthetically. I do wonder if I had continued if it would have kept the P-arthritis away. I guess that kind of thinking is ridiculous. The fingernail injections involved three tiny punctures and I do not remember them being painful. The doctor used some kind of special apparatus—not a needle. My toenails are not affected. Also my nails do not hurt which I thank God for after hearing so many stories. So...my main concern these days is the psoriatic arthritis.

After 6 years I finally found fumaric capsules in this country. I'd read about it, but not a lot is available. Do you or your readers know anything about its use—especially for nail psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis? I had a friend who did continue those injections and I may be able to reach him if it is important to anyone. I may call him anyway as I'd be interested to see if he's gotten P-arthritis. I will write again. As you know, most of us have a story. Thank you. -Sue D.


Ed's Response: Sue, if you haven't already, check out Dr. Jonathan V. Wright's web site on Nutrition & Healing Psoriasis.


Here's a quote from the site:

Fumarate, also called fumaric acid, is another naturally occurring metabolite frequently useful against psoriasis. A few people I've worked with have had entire clearing of psoriasis; many have had major help. However, unwanted effects of fumarate capsules or tablets can occur, including flushing, low blood sugar episodes, diarrhea, abnormal liver and kidney function tests, and lowered while blood cell counts.

I just scanned Wright's site and didn't catch any specific mention to P-arthritis.

I was fascinated by your recounting the nail injections episode of 20 years ago. I'm going to have to ask my derm about the therapy AND the device. Just the thought of having something injected into my fingernails has inhibited me from even inquiring....

Maybe we'll hear more from other readers about fumaric acid, Sue. In the mean time, stay in touch. -Ed

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