Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Reflections on Moving
from Sheri

Ed's Preface: In the January/February FLAKE HQ posting I harped on the complications of my recent move in the "Briefing" column....


Hi Ed: I caught up with you through "Briefing" [Jan/Feb, 1998] at FLAKE HQ. I think moving is one of life's most exciting adventures. Honestly! It's a way of making you do a personal inventory (it's the only time I read all those old love letters). Then there's the excitement of a new phone number (will it be a really cool combination of numbers, have a rhyme and rhythm?), address (same as phone number but even cooler because, hopefully, it will be on Babbling Brook Vista View Quail Amber Waves of Grain Lane) and hooking up all the utilities (which it sounds like your hubris got in the way of doing in a timely fashion). Bonding with new grocery store clerks, jockeying for position with the new neighbors.... I got to get a life!!

I was sorry to hear your psoriasis is on a rampage. Mine reacts the same . . . if I give it too much recognition, it throws a tantrum you wouldn't believe. Ignore the vermin, and it calms down. Hope you get better soon. -Sheri


Ed's Reply: Thanks, Sheri. I'm happy to report the "excitement" of the move has abated. Or, at least I thought so until this past Sunday. I was roused from my mid-morning slumber by the Voice of God booming through open windows. At least I thought it was the Voice of God. Ended up being a Reverend, somewhere in the neighborhood, with a robust public address system. I couldn't be irked because ... well ... what's a web site?


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