Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Dissuading Beggars in India
by KHL

Ed: I don't think I'm aware of any family history of P; anyhow, I manifested when I had my first baby at 39, and it didn't really get treated for a few months because we'd moved from Los Angeles to New Delhi. (The doctor kept asking me whether I was experiencing "stress." I mean, whaddaya think, doc? I'm in New Delhi with a newborn baby!) I looked a fright. It was the only way to keep the hordes of beggars away from me. I showed them my arms and they scattered to the four winds.

Well, in India it's pretty uncertain whether you're going to get any drug treatments that are going to work, because (I've been told) most medications are not properly stored and refrigerated. So I started taking Tegasone, which the doctor told me was not good if I was breast feeding or planning to become pregnant within two years. Of course, at the time I was breast feeding and planning to become pregnant within two years, but my skin had gotten so bad, I gave up breast feeding and decided to wait on the next baby, which at my age means maybe that's it for childbearing. Who knows? So the instant my two years were up, wouldn't you know I got a second eruption of P, but this one doesn't seem to be as bad, and I'm going to try and see if my natural defenses and a bit of California sunshine can fight back.

After seven months in India, we landed in London and I tried PUVA, which worked very well for me, but of course as soon as I moved back to L.A. I started erupting again. And don't anybody tell me it must be the stress. I'm under less stress than I've been under for two years. I
think it has a will of its own. -KHL


Ed's Reply: You're a lady after my own heart, KHL. I usually poo-poo the stress business, too. Your story provides a sad counter to others I've posted here in which moms reported relief from their psoriasis during pregnancy and breast feeding. You are either evidence that P does have a will of its own, or you are an alien from an antimatter universe. (Either way, we like you!)

Let us know if the California sunshine helps. -Ed

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