Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Is P Symmetric?
by Nats

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening: I have read FLAKE HQ with great interest. It was good to laugh about "our condition." The rebel without a cause, or should I say cure?

I have a question about psoriasis and a few hints on psoriasis too. My question is, why does my psoriasis not itch at all? I have read everyone's story and most complain of itching, so why don't I? I have had psoriasis for about 6 years. It started in ‘91 during my work training as a chef (that was the stress factor). I have no relatives with skin problems. They all look like the LUX SOAP ad people. My P does occasionally get very dry and hurts, but usually a good dose of baby petroleum jelly will do the trick.

I also have a story to tell you: About half a year ago I was at the end of my rope regarding P and I was visiting family in NY. My stepmother suffers from Lupus (another one of those rebels). I used some of her cream, called Ultravate, which is a corticosteroid preparation and it cleared up all my P in three weeks and kept it off for about a month. But unfortunately the docs are extremely reluctant to prescribe something for one condition that is actually for another. So now I have run out of the stuff. But it really works like a bomb: My elbows, which used to be my main area, now have only one or two little mosquito-bite-type bumps.

But the Rebel is appearing everywhere else now.

I would like to ask those other sufferers who are also not as severe as I am if they have noticed a strange phenomenon of opposites attracting. What I mean by this is, if you get it on one hip, do you also get it on the other? This seems to be happening to me. I am producing twins!

So that is about it for now. I will be back, keep up the good work and the humor. -Nats


Ed's Reply: There are psoriatics that don't itch, Nats ... and not one of them gets a Christmas Card from Ed Dewke. I've had some lesions that didn't itch, but they are the exception, not the rule. We probably don't hear from many of the itchless here at FLAKE HQ because, for the regulars, it's the itching that reminds us to log on.

The symmetry question is an interesting one about which I've read or heard nothing. But I, like you, tend to have twins where possible (which is to say, not on parts of me that are singular). If this is a phenomenon common but so far unattributed, I think we should start referring to it as the "Nats Effect." So, let's do a poll. How many of you experience the "Nats Effect"? -Ed

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