Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

P Groups — Leper Societies?
from Hilde (Australia)

Ed: I have been suffering P for 14 years and hate it with a passion. I usually dislike P groups etc. as I always feel part of some sort of leper society. However I discovered your site today and it put a smile on my face. Not many people can do that when I'm in the abyss of P depression. You may not have the cure but helping me smile is already halfway to a solution. Thanks again! -Hilde


Ed's Reply: I know what you're saying, but can't avoid changing your context to make a point. For hundreds of psoriatics, P Groups provide a very positive experience. I might even go so far as to say a necessary experience. It's simply not possible to learn enough from your derm(s) to live as good as you can with P. I don't know about Australia, but in the U.S. the National Psoriasis Foundation has a formalized network of P support groups from which hundreds of us obtain new information and a bolstered sense of camaraderie.

In their literature, NPF is open about the fact that support groups aren't for everybody. We psoriatics do come in all shapes, sizes and proclivities. But for the gregarious, they're quite useful and enjoyable. In the U.S., I know of two web-active support groups—the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago (see "Other Places" here at FLAKE HQ for links). Had we the resources, I'd like to see these support groups broadcast their proceedings via the web (RealPlayer[TM] would do nicely) AND post transcripts.

In the meantime, Hilde, don't be depressed! Come here to laugh and moan with the rest of us! -Ed

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