Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

P Means More Intelligent?
from M

Ed: I just found FLAKE HQ and it is absolutely fantastic! I have realized I am not alone, and also, that there are many things out there that I have not tried. Also, that I should shut up and stop complaining as my biggest lesion is only about 6 cms in diameter. But yes, the buggers are all over the place, back, arms, legs, butt, stomach...the scalp makes me cry. I swear my head is 1.5 cm "thicker" now.... Oh well ... Perhaps my friends and boyfriend will think I am becoming more intelligent each day! -M


Ed's Reply: Now there's a thought, M! Next time a barber, derm, loudmouth sardined next to me on the subway, or anyone else comments on my crusty scalp, I'll say this:

"Listen, if what you had inside your skull was as precious as what I've got inside mine, God would allow you the extra layer of protection, too."

Thanks! -Ed

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