Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Just Diagnosed
from Judy

Dear Ed: I'm new to the computer world and being on the Internet. How grateful I am to have found your site! My father told me just the other day that I must have gotten this crud from one of my students (I teach fourth grade, am 53, and still in denial having gone to the "derm" about six months ago). I am afraid of the medications and from what I have read in your correspondence it doesn't seem to help that much. Right now it is on my scalp, personal area and spots on my legs and forehead. I'm getting my thyroid checked tomorrow and hope that is the cause. In any case, it is a great comfort to know that you and the people who write you are out there for support and information. Thank you so much. -Judy


Ed's Reply: Welcoming a newcomer to P (and FLAKE HQ) always seems a little sadistic ("Hi, this is my dog, his name is Cerberus") but it's not because we aren't delighted to make your acquaintance.

As you now know, you didn't get P from one of your students (though if stress is one of your triggers the connection could be incidental). On the other hand, if it ends up not being P, but something thyroid related (hence correctable) please do let us know!

Don't be overly afraid of the prescripts, Judy. Just be knowledgeable. (Join NPF fast!) I hope we are not leaving the impression, here at FLAKE HQ, that prescription regimens are a waste of time. Psoriasis is a waste of time, but anything we can do to diminish its impact on our lives is, to most of us at least, worth a try.

Someone in the peanut gallery just hollered: "Talk about wasting time, Ed: How do you account for our time at FLAKE HQ?" (I stand up straighter, tug on the lapels of my tweed sport coat with the leather elbow patches, and squint through my bifocals into the nosebleed section of the amphitheater.) "Here, sir," I say with forced authority, "we gather to get it off our chests—metaphorically speaking." (Whoever challenged me has shut up. He's probably counting the syllables in me-ta-phor-ic-al-ly.)

But back to you, Judy. Whatever the outcome in your own case, just know you've found a whole new family of friends and acquaintances. -Ed

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