Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Antidepressants Experience
from Maureen

Hi. My name is Maureen I have suffered from psoriasis about a year. I have seen about 6 doctors for this condition, 3 of them dermatologists. I do take antidepressants. I was on Prozac before I contracted this flake disease. Yes, antidepressants have helped with my psoriasis. I cannot sleep soundly, because of the itching, without a sedative (Doxepin). I also take Hydroxizine (a generic for Atarax) to reduce the itching. I use a coal tar shampoo by Neutrogena daily. -Maureen


Ed's Reply: For too many years my sleeping-through-the-itch remedy was either Bombay (gin), Maker's Mark (bourbon), or Budweiser. Now that I've consumed more than my fair share of all of the above, and have become a diet Cherry Coke addict, I seem to be able to scratch without waking up. (I'm sure my lesions don't spontaneously bleed in the middle of the night, so the occasional blood spot on the linen would suggest I'm scratching while somnolent.)

I'm curious. Did the Doctors make you stop taking Prozac after they diagnosed your psoriasis, or did you stop for some other reason? -Ed

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