Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

A Laughing Matter?!
from Bonni

I must admit that when I read the name of your site (FLAKE) I was a little taken aback. Being a psoriasis sufferer myself , I was a little put out that someone would choose it as a humorous topic.

BUT, here it is 2:00 AM and I can't sleep, my psoriasis is itching to beat the band. I screwed up my nerve and decided to see what FLAKE was all about. What a pleasant surprise!!! I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself and wondering what next treatment the derm would come up with (that does not work) and finally entering your web page and reading what all the people had to say made me realize (although logically I have always known this) that I am not alone.

Maybe, just maybe, a few non-P sufferers will visit your site and get some insight!

I had my first encounter with P about 10 years ago. I thought something had bitten me and I had a rash! The derm told me it was psoriasis and I would NEVER be free of it and that all I could do was try controlling it and hope for a cure someday. I have found that olive oil on the scalp helps. I also buy Vitamin E capsules and break them open and rub the contents into the lesions. This helps a lot with the flaking and itching. I have recently read that Dead Sea Salts in the bath may help. I am trying to find a place to buy this so I can try it. Anything is worth a shot if it helps. I WILL be joining the NPF!!!!

If you wish, I will keep you informed as to how the Dead Sea Salts are working (provided I can find them).

Thank You so very much for this site. -Bonni


Ed's Reply: Thanks for biting the bullet and giving FLAKE HQ a try. (We may be a bit untidy, but basically we're nice people.) NPF can nail your source for Dead Sea Salts (I believe there's usually an ad from some supplier or another in their Pharmacy News publication). If not, write, call or e-mail them and I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. And, yes, do keep us informed about your experiences with the salts.

I, like you, thought my first psoriasis outbreak was just another rash. In fact, my history of being "rash prone" confused several doctors before they accurately diagnosed my symptoms as P. Now I wonder if 39 years of rashes might have been P-in-the-making? Oh well ... The last time I woke up and didn't itch somewhere I almost had a heart attack. I thought I was dead. -Ed

P.S. Write NPF at 6600 SW 92nd Ave, Suite 300, Portland OR 97223-7195...
Call them at (503) 244-7404
E-mail them by clicking here.

(And don't forget to say "Happy 30th Anniversary!) -Ed

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