Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Good News for Skin-Cap Devotees!
from Aaron

Ed: Thanks for keeping up the website. I'm sure many P sufferers find it as informative as I have. I hope the grass-roots effort to bring a spray temovate to market is successful....but you can get it right now by visiting a compounding pharmacist. Compounding pharmacists can also add the zinc pyrithione to make a copy of SC. Many derms are willing to write the prescriptions. I make a lot of this for P patients here in Pittsburgh. If anyone would like to contact a compounding pharmacist in their area, visit the IACP at or have them contact me. -Aaron (email: [email protected])

Thank you in advance for your help. -Toby



Ed's Reply: Aaron, this is really great news! It makes me feel like a happy dunce! And thanks for being willing to accept our e-mails. (I hope you keep visiting FLAKE HQ and don't hesitate to bring more good news!) -Ed

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