Communications (Mar/Apr, 1998)

Smoking and P?
from Toby

Dear Ed: I am curious. Has there been any connection made between smoking and our favorite disease? One of my dear friends is a insulin dependent diabetic and she also smokes <YIKES!>. She has, over the last year, had an ongoing bout with psoriasis. I feel there is a connection due to the circulatory problems both smoking and diabetes creates.

Thank you in advance for your help. -Toby



Ed's Response: The best help I can provide is to pass the question along. I've not personally heard any direct correlation, but that doesn't surprise me. What doesn't smoking aggravate? Add to the litany of known health detriments the fact that socially, if you smoke today, you're under added stress from society at large, and it certainly can't help. ("Do we have to invite him over, Samantha? If he's not out on the porch throwing his butts on our lawn, he's in the recroom flaking all over the pool table!") Anybody with information or an opinion, e-mail me. -Ed

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