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Another Positive Fumaric Acid Esters Experience
from Bill B.

My experience [with fumaric acid esters] mirrors that of Erins (Fumaric Acid Esters: Her Miracle). In 2005 I contacted a Doctor here in the Los Angeles area who was being successfully treated by a German doctor for years. I was in Germany within a week with blood tests and was subsequently given an exam, prescription and diet. I was in the worst condition of my 30 year battle with psoriasis. Arms, legs, torso and scalp almost completely covered with raised red bumps that would dry out into flaky scales.

There was an almost immediate lessoning of redness and within 2 months my skin was clear enough so that I could wear a short-sleeve shirt to an audition for a commercial (being an actor), without any self-consciousness or embarrassment.

My trip was also painful as I needed to slather on oil on my body everywhere (except my back which was clear) every 2-3 hours. Sleep was difficult.  It was pretty serious.

It's been almost 3 years now. The first 2 years were nearly completely clear — bathing suit clear. Then last year I had a slow growing outbreak after compromising the diet for a few months with common activating spices.  I've been back on the diet for 2 months now and the outbreak has subsided about 50%. At this time I'd say I have about 1-2% of my skin affected:  a few spots here and there. This is nothing compared to my condition before. I'm looking forward to swimming again this summer.

Thank you for providing this forum.  –Bill B.


Ed’s Response:   Thanks for your story, Bill.  For awhile I thought Fumaric Acid Esters might be approved for the treatment of P in the U.S., but I haven’t heard anything further. 

I wonder if our current crop of biologics would give FMEs a run for their money.

Elsewhere, the potential adverse effects of FMEs has been compared to methotrexate.  The big difference — which can be major to some — is the diet.

I’m glad it’s working well for you.

Also see: Fumaric Acid Esters: Not an "Alternative" - Caveat Emptor

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