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Herose for P: An Inquiry
from Rev. Den

Hi, has anyone ever used a product call HEROSE for clearing P? It cost about $200 a week for treatments from 2.5 weeks up to 10 months.  Thanks for any help on this product. –Rev. Den (80% covered)


Ed’s Response: Herose capsules are billed as a “homeopathic herbal drug.”  According to one trial report available online (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), each capsule contains the equivalent of 2,493 milligrams of raw herbs including dried ginger, Prezewalsh Sage root, Membranous Milkvetch root, Cinnamon twig, White Peony root, Pilos Asiabell root and Job Stears seed.

There have been a number of small trials conducted around the world.  The article hyperlinked in the preceding paragraph describes one with 15 patients conducted in Singapore.  The results are more-or-less typical of known psoriasis palliatives based on dietary supplements used by people who have mild to moderate psoriasis.  15 people commenced the 10 month trial but only 11 completed it.  Of those 11, 6 achieved a 54.5% success rate defined as “almost cleared,” and 3 achieved 15% success.  The other two aren’t described.  The paper describing the study goes into detail about the herbal formulation and how it is supposed to work as defined by Chinese medicine.  But, cutting to the chase....

At $200 a week for up to 10 months, I would consider this approach a “poor investment,” especially for flakers with moderate to severe P.  If there really is an indicator at 2.5 weeks that could clearly “suggest” how likely the capsules are to “almost clear” me; that might be worth $500 ($200 X 2.5), but only if “surer things” aren’t available.

If you try Herose, Rev. Den, please do let us know how it works for you.  Meanwhile, if any FlakeHQ readers have experience with this herbal supplement, please fill us in.  -Ed

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